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Sharing the Gospel in an Increasingly Unchurched Culture People on the Move: How Will the Church Respond to the Refugee Crisis? No Time for Mission? Cultivating a Missional Imagination for Over-Busy Christians
In this seminar, discover a way to present a larger vision of the Gospel that connects with friends who live in an increasing unchurched culture. with Steve Haas and Rahsaan Graham

with Neil Hudson
Surprising Work of God Conference Audio The Sufficiency of Christ On Being in the Image of God
The Sufficiency of Christ
Our Price: $25.00
Audio from the 2015 Conference Honoring Dr. Garth Rosell
Audio from the 2012 National Preaching Conference. with Ben Witherington III
Inside-Out & Upside-Down: The Subversive Power of Christian Discipleship Recovering Our Creative Calling The Divine Presence
The Divine Presence
Our Price: $10.00
with Mark Buchanan with Andy Crouch "God With Us", The Theme of Divine Presence in Scripture